Does the same pool fence inspector have to do a second inspection after repairs are carried out to a pool fence?
Yes. The pool fence inspector is legally bound to re-inspect the pool fence after repairs are carried out, to be satisfied that the pool fence complies. The pool owner is legally bound to use the same pool fence inspector, so choose wisely.
How long will my Pool Safety Certifcate be current?
- Private Home / Airbnb / Short term holiday rental - 2 years
- Shared Pool - 1 year
- Hotel/Resort - 1 year
Part of my pool fence is also my boundary fence with my neighbour. Do we each pay half if that fence needs to be upgraded?
Not normally. If modifications are required to make the boundary fence compliant, it will be at the pool owners expense. If you and your neighbour both own pools, each of you may need to do something different to comply and each of you may need to pay your own expenses. If the boundary fence needs to be replace because neither pool safety barrier is compliant, then costs may need to be shared.
I have doors from my house that open onto the pool area. Does that comply?
No. The new Pool Safety Standard does not allow doors to open onto outdoor pool areas whether they have self-closing devices or not.
I am a real estate agent. Do I have to make a record of when the cerficate expires, and arrange another inspection in 2 years? How will I remember?
If you use PoolSure Safety Inspections, we will keep a record of the expiry date and contact you before it expires. thus making your pool safety obligations as hassle free as possible.